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Projects Overview

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Tasman Metals Ltd is a Scandinavian focused mineral exploration company with extensive claim holdings in Sweden, Finland and Norway that are prospective for strategic metals, including rare earth elements (REE's) and iron ore. The region is rightly regarded as the "home of REE" as many REE's were first discovered in Sweden, including cerium, erbium, holmium, lanthanum, scandium, terbium, thulium, ytterbium, yttrium. The mineral bastnaesite is named from the Swedish village of Bastnäs, where cerium ore was mined in the late 1800's, which lies close to Tasman Metals Ltd's exploration project areas.

The Scandinavian region has a long and prosperous mining history, which has developed into a modern, highly mechanized and low cost region to explore and develop mines. The Fraser Institute in their 2008/09 survey ranked Sweden and Finland 13th and 14th respectively for politically supportive places to explore and mine. The Scandinavian countries offer good infrastructure, an intelligent workforce, modern mining legislation with low or no royalties and big areas of relatively unexplored ground. For more in formation, see the 2009 Mining Journal supplements for Sweden and Finland.

The region provides a stable political and economic environment with a developed mining culture, that has potential to be a long term supplier of strategic metals including rare earth elements to the European high technology, automotive, aerospace and medical industries.